October 19th 2016

We had a blast at the Science Centre! The EPRA gave us a great overview of recycling electronics. The students then played trivia and some other games before having the opportunity to explore the rest of the science centre! Lots of fun! Advertisements

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Learning to Love the Machine

  Over the course of this brief, but info-jam-packed term, a consistent theme has come out again and again: Technology is a tool that can be used for good or evil, and the more educated you are in using said tech safely and effectively, the fewer negative things will occur. Moving into this week’s discussion, […]

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ECI830 Summary of Learning

What a crazy quick class! I was glad to have the opportunity to make another video, and although time was a crunch, I think it turned out pretty well. As promised, here are the links to all the clips/audio I used: Video Fensler GIJoe PSA: Carnival Fensler GIJoe PSA: Dance If Google Was A Guy […]

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Let’s Iron Out the Details Before We Throw Our Educational System to the Wolves

Growing up in Regina, I can think back to the time when our high school received a new scoreboard in our gym; the Coca-Cola logo brightly emblazoned above, taking up a third of the scoreboard overall. I remember at that time as well, hearing parents and teachers grumbling about the decision to accept the sponsorship, […]

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