Super duper technology

After our first class, I’m a little stunned at how much I have been missing out on. I’ve surmised that I have been out of the tech. loop ever since I finished my degree in Intermedia art in 2005, and certainly taking summers off from doing really anything on a computer (except for posting the odd facebook msg, editing and uploading photos, or paying bills). It’s amazing what tools like delicious can do to make your web navi so much easier.

I am still waiting for yahoo to give me an account so I can use delicious, but already through their front page I have found so many cool news sites and amazing sites in general.
RSS feeds are something else that has really made my life easier. I had no idea how well I could access a variety of info from different websites, and using Google Reader makes it all the more simple. Since I started using Reader last Thursday, I have found myself spending less time aimlessly surfing between sites, and more time reading info that is relevant to me.

This isn’t really relevant to the post, but I found it using Delicious so I will write about it anyways., an otherwise slightly shady website, has produced an amazing documentary on North Korea. Under the title ‘The Vice Guide to Travel: North Korea’ two guys find their way to N.K. through bribing Chinese officials, then illegally film all the bizarre ins and outs their travels inside the country take them. It’s a really exciting doc that I found so intruiging. While living in Japan my wife and I heard every so often in the news the abduction of Japanese citizens by N. Korean’s who take them back as captives. I found that such a strange concept, that N. Korea was kidnapping people out of their homes in Japan. What really are they trying to gain? To see the sad empty landscape in N. Korea, and the surreal mentality N. Koreans have towards themselves and the world in this doc helped to make things a little more clear. Watch it at


2 thoughts on “Super duper technology

  1. Seems a bit weird that Yahoo hasn’t given you an account yet. Is it in your spam folder maybe? It should be pretty much instantaneous.

  2. I had a delicious account a long time ago, and since have forgotten the password. I applied for them to overturn the password, but nothing has happened since. I simply started a new account tonight actually, so problem solved!

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