Tech Task #4 – Fun with Prezi

Japanese Canadians 1877-1946: The Hoax of Pearl Harbour.
a presentation on John Boyko’s ‘Last Steps of Freedom: The Evolution of Canadian Racism’

(Unfortunately doesn’t allow embedding of Prezi files, so please follow the link above. If anyone knows a way around this, please let me know! Thanks)

The above Prezi was done in conjunction with a presentation I am doing for my Cross Cultural Education class. Having seen how engaging Prezi is, I thought I would take the leap and try Prezi out to tell this story of discrimination towards the Japanese in Canada.
While Prezi was simple enough to use, there were times where I found that the lack of more advanced options, such as grouping images/text together would have been really helpful when making a path. Also, the option to draw was there, but I had no control over what colour I wanted to use. I simply had to follow the template I had chosen. As well, it seems some bugs still exist, keeping me from saving or adding media which made it much longer to complete than I thought it would.

Aside from these points,Prezi was a lot of fun to use, and really challenged me to think using the Prezi parameters. I found that tough at first because I am so used to thinking about a presentation’s transition to powerpoint/keynote.

It did take longer to create a presentation like this because for one thing I had to think of an audience that might see this presentation separate from the one I will be doing in class, and I had to choose what material was truly important in carrying the story across, without bogging it too down with details, and/or making it too vague. I hope I was successful in this regard.

Those who have seen the presentation while I’ve been working on it have been super impressed with what Prezi can do. I encourage everyone to give it a try, and see what they think.


One thought on “Tech Task #4 – Fun with Prezi

  1. I watched your Prezi and think you did a great job! It is a much more visually stimulating way to present information (and with more carefully placed emphasis) than a power point. There was just enough information there without being vague. I think kids sometimes get a distorted view of history in school…I don’t remember ever discussing periods of racial discrimination in Canada’s history or even in Canada’s contemporary culture. I certainly didn’t learn about Japanese or Ukrainian internment until high school. My teachers spoke about racism, but they would always use examples from other places. It’s so important that children can discuss Canada’s history without leaving out those important details.

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