Changes to the site!

Well reading week is almost at an end! Crazy how fast this week went by. I hope everyone who had the break enjoyed themselves and didn’t have to do too much homework!

I went to Edmonton to visit friends earlier in the break, and while we were there we all spent an inordinate amount of time watching the Olympics. We eagerly anticipated how great the opening ceremonies would be, after the incredible display Bejing put on two years ago. We shouldn’t have been so excited though… I thought there were some amazing moments (First Nations being a big part of the beginning, excellent way to show the world the diversity of the F. Nations people; K.D. Lang amazing!; the whales), but we came off feeling a little embarrassed at how simplistic the use of technology was. Nearly every technical feat was a projection, and while it worked with the whales and the ice floes, it just became repetitive. The sore spot for me was the aerial acrobat who flew above the square projections of a heavily pixelated animated .gif file. For me there was no magic at simply seeing a square projection on the ground. It made me think of why the opening ceremonies limited themselves to such means. Because it was cost-effective? I just expected to see some amazing technological magic, perhaps because of it being the Olympics.

Anwyays… I am working on transforming this site into my online portfolio. I found a template that I felt better suited the clean, minimalist look I wanted, and have since added my philosophy, achievements, and what I believe to be key teacher responsibilities. I soon hope to add a photo gallery, my resume, and other features that will hopefully make the site more attractive.

Tell me what you like about the site, and suggestions you have about changing things.


4 thoughts on “Changes to the site!

  1. Hi Jeremy

    It sounds like our Reading week had some similarities! I too took in the opening ceremonies of the Olympics, and was not so blown away by the use of technology. There were some interesting parts, but I completely agree – the square field was terrible! I was bored by the end because it was so repetitive.

    I also spent a portion of my week working on my blog-folio, and I am still not done! I like the look of yours, and I’m still trying to find the ‘perfect’ background for mine. I like that you have a personalized photo to start your page, it helps to make a connection with the blogger!

    Nice work!

  2. Hey Jeremy and Amy! I also think that your e-portfolio is looking extremely professional. I have a question that maybe either of you can help me with. I also wanted to put a photo onto my main blog page but the style of blog I am using does not have that feature. If I select a new feature will all my pages and posts automatically switch into it? Thanks, I hope you can help!

    1. Yes, when you choose to change your theme, everything will change with it. Don’t worry about losing any of your content though; it will all remain within your blog.

      With supported themes, they provide the option to add a customized header, which is what I have done. So just find one that works for you, switch to it, then upload your header.

      Hope this helps!

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