Tech Task – Mash-up with Garageband

Here’s a mash-up I made in class today using an archived story of the three little pigs from and loops from garageband. I had a lot of fun making this:

Tell me what you think! It’s pretty amateur, but I’d say decent for 1 1/2 hours work. I found and then modified the organ loop, then remembered the great track ‘frontier psychiatrist’ by the avalanches, and so started looking for a narrative kind of voice-over that I could build on the organ and drums.

This track is amazing, simply for use of the samples alone, but the music video puts it into an entirely different category of awesome. Love it!


8 thoughts on “Tech Task – Mash-up with Garageband

  1. I can tell you put a lot of work into this video! Although Garage Band makes creating music simple and somewhat easy, it takes a lot of time and effort to create something even a minute long! You did a great job. Very fun to listen to!

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