Junior Senior – Can I Get Get Get…

An excellent example of the use of the internet as a place to give a shout out for participation. Junior Senior, one of my favourite groups, made this video a couple years back in 2006 off one of the catchiest songs of all time ‘Can I Get Get Get.’ They asked fans to record themselves and send it in, and this is the result. If you like the song, check out their full-length album ‘Hey Hey My My Yo Yo,’ it’s amazing!


2 thoughts on “Junior Senior – Can I Get Get Get…

  1. That’s AWESOME!

    How cool would that be for a school project? Maybe choosing a song and having your class do their own clips for it, and then inviting other classes in other places to add their own clips? Collaboration rules. Nothing that funky would have come without it.

  2. Video’s like these bring thoughts of setting and place to mind. Really great backdrops are a result of the collaboration. Each piece fits together to create a sense of days gone by, yet keeping us in the present. Combined with a catchy beat, it all comes together to create a unique vibe. Thanks for sharing Jeremy

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