Tutorials Take Time…

I have officially begun creating the major tech. project for ECMP355, and have already come to a stop. Unfortunately, Camtasia, the program that seems to be ‘the program’ when it comes to screen capturing and editing, won’t work on my old Powerbook G4. Undeterred I have started using Jing, but have already come up unsatisfied with it’s lack of options and accessibility to use in conjunction with other programs (unless you have a PC, or are willing to shell out more money). What drew me to Camtasia was the editing timeline you can use to organize and edit all your screen shots together, and Jing really only seems to allow a one-take approach which I don’t think will come off as very polished, unless I practice over and over again beforehand.

Hopefully I will be able to use a newer computer to make the video tutorials. In the meantime I am compiling information, and making my wiki pretty. Until it takes shape though, it’s top secret.

I would suggest that anyone wanting to use a wiki go to wikispaces, and sign up for a k-12 account. It gives you full access to editing your wiki, and gets ride of all the annoying adds.


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