The first of several tutorials now up!

The tutorial page for Skype is now up and ready for criticism. Let me tell you about making it before I give you the link.

First of all, please keep in mind that this wiki is a work in progress. I am still waiting for it to be recognized as an educational site, so in the meantime there are still ads along the right side. Also, I want to customize the layout further, so it’s still pretty basic.

As for the page on Skype itself, it’s still a little sparse, but most of the content is there. I created a tutorial video using Jing (because my Powerbook is too old to use camtasia 😦 ) and a bluetooth headset (because my internal mic suddenly isn’t working!) and while I would have preferred to have had the control over editing that Camtasia offers, when I really think about it, the basic screen capture works in that it does clearly get the ideas across, it’s just I have to practice it a lot, because every mistake made means starting over again.

I chose Skype as a first tutorial because I was already familiar with it’s use, and allowed me to concentrate on becoming familiar with the screen capturing software.

I also chose to link the video rather than imbed it, simply because the screen capture was so large, and didn’t fit well on the wiki itself.

That said, here is the link to the wiki page on Skype. Please let me know what you think!



2 thoughts on “The first of several tutorials now up!

  1. So far, it looks good. Perhaps with the screen capture, one way to deal with making mistakes and having to do it all over again is to create smaller tutorials or to break down your tutorial into sections. Such as, your first video could be showing how to actually download skype into your computer. You would go to the Skype website and show them how to actually do it. The next video tutorial could then be, how to find contacts and so forth. Perhaps, breaking the tutorial into more sections may help. Just remember, when you are teaching about programs, not all people are computer literate so you need to provide directions that are more detailed. As well, set up a time with one of your online contacts so you can show people what a conversation is actually like. Good Luck!

  2. Thanks for the great suggestions. I plan on breaking more difficult tutorials into sections so that its both easier for myself, but also easier to navigate for users.
    I also think actually having someone online to chat with would definitely be better!

    You mentioned that some people are not computer literate. Was the tutorial not simplistic enough to follow? I did make the assumption that they would be able to download and install the program itself.

    I am going to take a big leap to provide a tutorial for making a class wiki. Please check back!
    Again thanks for the critique! I really appreciate it.

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