Interactive White Boards Rule!

Today we had an amazing lecture on interactive whiteboards from a fellow student Ellyse Haase. She had the opportunity to work at a ‘Smart Showcase’ School during her internship, giving her the unique experience of working with technologies I had never had the chance to see before.
Interactive whiteboards, or ‘Smartboards’ are an amazing tool that combines a whiteboard with a monitor, creating a truly interactive screen that allows for so much more options to include tech. in your lessons. Having considered myself technology literate, I had no idea how effective these smartboards could be. Ellyse showed us how she created a morning routine for her class which integrated literacy and numeracy in a variety of entertaining and visually stimulating ways. I really thought of how great a smartboard, and the way in which it helps to add an easy interactive visual to the lesson, would be in an EAL classroom. I think of all the paper and time that would have been saved had I access to a smartboard while on my internship!

I was also very impressed at how lessons/resources had been organized online to reference the SK curriculum, making it easier for teachers to find relevant material, without sacrificing time or money in the hunt for it. This is an excellent supplement to any classroom, and I really look forward to the time where I can use a smartboard to get across ideas, and the excitement that it will create for learning.

Smartboard website – for lesson ideas, references, help, etc.

Teaching with Smartboard – a regularly updated video podcast on math-related smartboard lessons and applications.


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