Ignite: The Showdown Kind of Presentation

Ignite is an awesome way to deliver a presentation. In university everyone begins to dread the classes set aside for student presentations. Why? Well, because, more often than not, they are long-winded, unorganized and boring. Often a 15 minute presentation can blow up into a 30 minute one, making the class turn off their brains and waiting as patiently as possible for them to finish.

Solution? Ignite, the presentation method created to battle said ‘death by powerpoint.’ All you’ve got is 20 slides, 15 secs per slide, to go. That’s only 5 minutes to condense and present!

I really like this method of presentation. It forces the presenter to trim the fat of their presentation, providing the audience only the key ideas and corresponding visuals. If you aren’t organized, it will show!

It’s a really fun way of entertaining the class as well. Everyone is aware of the challenge, and are watching for stumbles, and how you will be able to react. Can you get it back on track? It’s also very much a bit of performance. The presenter, and not the slides, is again the centre of attention.

I found a link to Jason Grigsby’s blog ‘User First Web’ who walks you through the Ignite presentation experience, and how you can prepare for the challenge.

As well, check out this video, an actual Ignite presentation/tutorial from IgnitePhoenix:


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