Engagement through iPad and iMovie

Currently I’m reading my gr. 5 class Wildwood by Colin Meloy. It’s a wonderful fantasy novel that so far reads like a hipper, Portlandesque Narnia. Tons of wonderful vocabulary, interesting characters, great dialogue. Anyways, rather than your typical comprehension quiz, or a similar written project, I’ve given the students a much more open ended project using iMovie on iPad. Using the ‘Trailer’ option, students can easily create a video that already has taken care of all the edits and transitions. All they have to do is simply edit the title, the title transitions, then follow the recommended shots (landscape, medium, close-up, etc.).

This is our third try, with the first two being very laid back, in an attempt to allow students to familiarize themselves with the app. It’s amazing watching them work right now. There is so much engagement from all the members of the group. Right now they are currently planning out their videos, through editing the title transitions. This will act as a skeleton to film the clips around. Because the software is so intuitive, students have had no issues figuring out how to record, re-shoot if necessary, changing titles, adding effects, etc.
While this is all going on, other students are already dreaming up costumes they need to put together for the shoot, arguing over the spelling of ‘impassable,’and drawing fake maps to zoom in on.

Here’s a quick overview on iMovie for iPad:


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