One Week In: All You Need is JAPANESE… and resources, and lots of free time

One week in! Here’s what my past week highlights looked like:


Make what you will of this breakdown… I’ve looked at it, and I’m not too sure what all it means… OTHER THAN PROGRESS!
In one week I’ve been introduced to 128 new Kanji, and have studied 186 sentence patterns.
It’s a great feeling to have already adopted a routine that has enabled me to cover so much so quick. It’s amazing how much information can be covered when setting aside an hour or so per day. I have been getting to work extra early, and spending a half an hour, followed by another half hour after work, before heading home.

While I do feel confident, just now reviewing what is coming ahead has reminded me that there is a lot more to cover, much of it unfamiliar to me, especially the complexity of the later sentence patterns. That said, following the program I have been doing, I should be able to pass the test just fine!

I will make a point this week to record myself studying, to give a better idea of how it works, and better yet, to compare my fluency with later in the term, closer to the end of November.

I have also realized that to better put my studying to use, I can later begin to think of scenarios I will be put into while back in Japan, and create cue card type responses that I can practice, so as better to be prepared when, for example stuck in the living room with my wife’s 96 year old grandmother who is practically impossible to understand, given that she speaks in a dialect of Japanese that, to my ears, sounds incomprehensible.


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