Video Blogging: or How I Spent More Time Problem Solving iMovie11 Than The Actual Post Itself

Good grief. I thought this would be a productive thanksgiving Monday morning. Left the house to go to my folk’s empty place, and decided to get something I have been dreading doing out of the way: making a video blog. I envisioned that it would be a helpful way to show how I have been using technology to study Japanese.

Problem #1: Think I’ve got the same bug my son has had the last couple of days. Suddenly feeling pretty nauseous. Mabye it’s the nerves. Feeling anxious about the blog…

Problem #2: For some reason the camera on my Mac looks pretty blurry. Oh well, no one needs HD of me.

Video blog complete! Went well! I move it into iMovie’s work pane, add a title, and some edits and all looks good until… I watch it through from the beginning…

Problem #3: For some super annoying reason, the audio is out a little, starting about 20 seconds in, and doesn’t resolve itself until the end of the video. What!?!

I then spend a couple hours trying to resolve this issue, none of which work. While I’m doing this, I’ve got my fingers crossed that once processed and uploaded to youtube, it will somehow right itself.

Problem #4: iMovie keeps crashing when I attempt to export it to youtube. This prompts further research on message boards and through youtube video clips, on how to fix this issue….

I’ve now spent 3 hours, and the nerves I thought I had are not nerves. Shivering uncontrollably right now! But…

I’ve figured out that if I export the video through quicktime, then later upload the video through youtube via Chrome, it iMovie doesn’t crash! Yay. Downside is that the video isn’t synched. Too bad. I plan on doing another video blog, but I’ll be looking to use another software, or upgrade my existing iMovie, to hopefully avoid the problems I dealt with. Now to figure out a way to stop feeling so gross. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


One thought on “Video Blogging: or How I Spent More Time Problem Solving iMovie11 Than The Actual Post Itself

  1. I have had the same problem in different chats with different tools including google+ and Skype. I haven’t done any video blogs but it can be a frustrating and annoying thing. I wonder if it has to with the processing speed? I’m looking at doing a vblog with my iPad to see how it works. I have iMovie so I’ll let you know how that goes! Hope you’re feeling better soon!

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