Dusting Off This Thing (again) for ECI832: Spitballing

Hello old friend. I got so much use out of you, then dropped you like a sack of bricks once I returned from Japan. I’m glad that taking ECI832 will get me back into the rhythm and flow of reflecting and summarizing my thoughts. I’m 7 classes into this Masters degree now, and I can feel the breeze from the end of the tunnel, but it still feels so far away.

I’m in a dilemma right now in regards to what I want to do for a major project this semester. Last year the opportunity to strengthen my Japanese language skills had such selfish outcomes in that I could swim a little longer in the sea of Japanese conversation before sinking this past December, that the decision to do learn the language further was an immediate and obvious choice.

Now, not so much. I’m really torn as to what I should focus on. As I’m working through my Masters in Ed. Psychology, this might be a great time to further research and identify the best overall tech tools for those students in my class who would benefit from something other than Kurzweil, a long outdated read/write program that is riddled with bugs.

Another possibility would be to create a more sound media literacy curriculum for elementary age students. The truth is, many of the resources that students (and their parents) have in better understanding social media and it’s effects are outdated, or aren’t readily accessible unless they are actively pursuing them. I have noticed in the past that more often than not most parents are very naive as to what the possibilities are with social media, and don’t have a good understanding of how to best navigate this with their child, without simply unplugging their child from all forms of online communication. As well, unfortunately many teachers don’t fully understand the complexity of social media enough to appreciate the significance it has on our youth, and thus have no real immediacy to better educate their students. Creating resources for educators, the students, as well as parents might be a good way of bringing about positive change in understanding.

This last idea may be a great way of educating the students in my class, as they could have a role in creating the resources, by means of social activism.

At our school, we recently reviewed our LIP goals, and it was a good time to look over Treaty education. Treaty education is something that also seems to be misunderstood, both by our students, teachers, and the population at large. Students in my class would buy into learning more about treaty education if we were able to turn it into a social activism project through online means. Trending a hashtag about the fact that we are all Treaty people was one thing that would likely promote discussion, and encourage people to better understand Treaty history so as to better debate what it means to be a Treaty person.

I’m just spitballing, and I think that all these ideas are worth looking into, but I’m not sure exactly which one I really want to jump headfirst into. Any thoughts or suggestions would be much appreciated at this point!


4 thoughts on “Dusting Off This Thing (again) for ECI832: Spitballing

  1. Both projects sound great and I think you would have a lot of success with them. I know that students often know more than we do when it comes to social media and I don’t think a lot of parents are well informed, so your first idea would certainly benefit all parties mentioned. Students would benefit from learning about the “do’s and don’ts” at a young age as well. The social activism project would get you a lot of interest from other classroom teachers and it would be interesting to see how far you could get it to reach. I don’t think I helped you too much haha but they are both great ideas!

  2. Love your ideas!! Not sure I’m much help, I think the idea of gaining an idea of tech tools that better help those students who struggle with reading is a very valid idea (and I’m coming at this from the very biased perspective of the Teacher-librarian who is very passionate about getting all kids to read!) I find your idea to be a very practical one that can be easily transferred to colleagues and being able to positively influence some out of date practices.

    That being said, the social activism project that has your students learning about Treaty education can also positively affect the people around you- and it gets people talking about very important things!

    Whatever choice you make, I think it will create change and make people think!

    Happy choosing!

  3. I love the idea of a social activism project, especially treaty education. This is an area that I have personally experienced difficulties fully exploring and working through with my students. As educators and community members, we really do need to promote an understanding that we are all truly treaty people.

  4. Hey Jeremy!
    I also really like both ideas! I think they both have merit and would be beneficial to students, teachers, and the global community.

    I like the idea of Treaty Education the best because I think this is something that is is often misunderstood and sometimes left on the back burner or not taught as in-depth as it should be. In addition, in some schools it is not ‘taught’ because they feel it doesn’t relate to their students. I think they way you are presenting it would be very engaging. I am excited to see which one you choose!


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