January – David Bowie and Math Resources

January has come and gone (almost). Was recently at the board office to get some learning about the new board math assessment, the DNA. Overall, it seems to be a much better assessment that will enable for, as, & of learning; so in other words something that won’t simply sit in a desk, or in a box after the marks are sent into HQ.

This will be helpful as an ongoing assessment tool that can be easily administered (orally!) while other students are working on math stations. I’ve already given it a whirl, and it’s pretty good to know exactly where my students fall, making it easier to give them what they need to succeed.

Also won a book while at the inservice “Mastering the Basic Math Facts in Multiplication and Division” by Susan O’Connell and John SanGiovanni. I have to say that it’s a pretty amazing resource, not only as a template on how to best approach teaching multiplication strategies and number sense, but especially as a resource for a wide variety of activities that keep multiplication practice fresh. From spinner games, to other fun activities that put practical context into the need to learn, it’s great. Especially since there is a downloadable resource attached to the book, that has all the resources in the book in a easily printable format.



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