ECI830: Introductions & All That

I am very excited to be taking another ECI83* class with Katia & Alec, and I am looking forward to getting to know all of you. This is by far the largest group I have been in a class with, and I am going to make the attempt to comment on at least one  of your posts over the course of this short 2 month class.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Jeremy Black, and I’m a grade 5/6 teacher at Ecole Connaught Community School. I am a proud father of two cool kids and I have an amazing wife who I would be aimless without. My current passions include making music using Ableton Live and an assortment of instruments, most recently a MOOG Sub37 (which is amazing). I have always been a big fan of music, but until recently hadn’t put together actual songs. When I have something worth sharing I’ll put it up.

I am also a recent owner of a Fitbit, which has had me competing against friends here at work. While I step an average of 19k/day, I have been recently put in my place by a couple of marathon runners who make my steps look like I’ve hardly accomplished anything at all. Good motivation, all the same though! If you have a fitbit, look me up, or message me!

As I said I have taken a few classes from Alec and Katia, and over that time I have continued to use this same blog. Looking back on past blog posts has been very rewarding, as it has reminded me of all the great content I have been able to take away from these classes to use towards being a more inclusive educator. Here are the last two summaries of learning I have put together for ECI831 and ECI832. One has a man flying a motorcycle at the end of it….

I am TWO classes away from finishing a master’s in Educational Psychology, and have mixed feelings about being done. I love the challenge of taking a master’s degree, and I have already been able to apply so much towards teaching my students, so upon finishing, I may have to find another professional minded pursuit to keep the ideas fresh and flowing.

Kyle, Erin, and I will be debating this upcoming Tuesday on the merits of technology on learning in the classroom. Let us know if you have any firsthand stories of where technology really helped your students.




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