ECI830 Summary of Learning

What a crazy quick class! I was glad to have the opportunity to make another video, and although time was a crunch, I think it turned out pretty well. As promised, here are the links to all the clips/audio I used:


Fensler GIJoe PSA: Carnival

Fensler GIJoe PSA: Dance

If Google Was A Guy

Apple Promo Video (Early 90’s)

Are Parents A Threat To Children’s Privacy?

Faust I to Go

The Dirt Bike Kid

Using Twitter Effectively in Education (Alec Couros)

Alec Couros at BLC14 – Using Social Media in Education



Matoko Matsushida – First Light


Let me know what you think!


6 thoughts on “ECI830 Summary of Learning

  1. Great work, Jeremy! I don’t know how you make such cool videos, with the audio and visual so seamlessly put together, but it is incredibly impressive! Very engaging and it summarized everything very well. I really enjoyed watching this. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Cool idea Jeremey. Awesome thoughts as well. I loved the video and the focus on concerted efforts to give students the tools they need to properly use technology.

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