Opening up: How Digital Citizenship Education Can Assist In Avoiding Costly Mistakes

Tonight’s debate centered around the idea of whether opening up the classroom and sharing in schools is unfair to our children. The agree side initially had a strong argument from the angle that the permanency of the web, and the digital footprint that now follows individuals around for life is a dangerous one that has […]

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Just Google It?

Tonight’s first debate was over whether schools should be teaching anything that can be Googled. This was an excellent debate topic as it is very relevant to the frustrations I have as a teacher in my own classroom. Process to me needs to be the main focus in the ways teachers are teaching, however, it […]

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Major Project Rollout

IAMADIGITALCITIZEN (Follow the link to visit the new website!) I am ecstatic to be done! It’s been a fun and challenging semester. Let’s talk about the major project first. This project initially looked entirely different. As I learned more and more about digital citizenship through this class, I realized that creating a practical resource for myself and other […]

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