Teaching Philosophy

It is a pleasure to educate the youth of today, to have an opportunity to guide them on their journey towards becoming active members of society. I believe that students, just like ourselves, want the opportunity to express themselves with confidence, and to understand how they can operate successfully in a world filled with expectation and uncertainty.

In order to meet these needs, teachers need to begin by offering students a positive environment built upon procedures and routines. These procedures and routines cover everything from: what to do when entering class, how to work in groups, what to do when you are finished an assignment early, etc. Often teachers focus on content and assume students already understand the procedures and routines of life we as adults take for granted. However, I believe that these need to be the initial focus every good teacher provides to their students. Procedures and routines are extremely valuable to students as they provide ways in which to learn self-control, responsibility, respect for self and others, and self-satisfaction for a job well done.

Teachers also need to remember that their role is not to lead, but to guide students on their own journey of learning. Students need to be provided with relevant, well-structured assignments and projects that meet their academic and developmental needs. Teachers need to provide clear expectations for assignments and projects ahead of time so that students will be able to find success without any uncertainty of whether they ‘did it right or not.’ Students must also be provided with the chance to be part of their assessment of evaluation in the form of self-assessment, conferences, and building a portfolio.

I believe that this well organized systematic approach to instruction will provide all students with the ability to take control of the reins of their own education, and to chart their own path into the future.

Teaching is a real responsibility that I enjoy immensely. Through lesson planning, interacting with students, assessing and evaluating, I am constantly learning and growing as a professional. I look forward to continuing along my own path of learning to better assist students on theirs.


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