The following are responsibilities that I believe teachers need to comply by in order to provide students with the proper instruction.

I. STRUCTURE: Providing a safe, structured environment for students to find success.

II. RELEVANCE: Provide students well-organized and relevant lessons. These lessons comply with the foundational objectives set forth in the curriculum as well as being adapted to meet the needs of the students.

  • M.I. and C.E.L.’s: Lessons need to be instructed in a variety of ways in order to add variety as well as to allow students to find their strengths. Using the Common Essential Learnings and Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences as a reference, one can create a variety of engaging lessons that will meet the needs of the entire classroom.
  • EQUITY: The environment and the lessons taught must reflect the diversity of cultures in one’s classroom, school, and community. Students need to understand and appreciate their own cultural background, and to see it’s relevance in society, just as much as students need to understand and appreciate other cultures.
  • INCLUSIVITY: A teacher must also provide an environment in which students of all abilities can interact with one another, and find social and academic success.

III. ASSESSMENT: Fair, balanced assessment as well as providing the chance for students to be responsible for their own work, by giving them the reins of their own learning through shared assessment.

IV. RESPECT: Provide students a consistent model of proper behaviour and respect through interactions with students, staff, and community.

V. COMMUNITY: Be an active member in the school and community to strengthen the relationship between the two.

VI. REFLECTION: Always learning, always improving, always reflecting.


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