Our world is a diverse one, and this is no better witnessed at Thomson Community School. Here at Thomson, the reminder that all lessons need to encourage acceptance of all cultures is all around you. I have had the luck of having Jackie Taypotat as my co-op, and she has provided me with an excellent model of how to best incorporate equitable content into lesson plans, as well as the environment of the classroom itself.

I felt pressure to live up to the expectations placed upon me by Mrs. Taypotat’s examples, as well as to my students, and this formed the integrated concepts of the units I taught during my three-week block of uninterrupted instruction. I feel that rather than focus on one culture at a time, instruction about other cultures needs to be placed seamlessely and naturally in lessons, giving them relevance.

During my time interning at Thomson, I was also able to apply and receive a grant from the Multicultural Council of Saskatchewan (MCOS) towards creating an equitable classroom that reflected the different cultural backgrounds of the students in the classroom.

I was also able to research and purchase materials for Thomson School that encouraged equity. The material purchased was the Hungry Planet book by Peter Menzel, and accompanying unit and materials. I believe this is an excellent addition to any school, and provided an excellent segway between the nutrition and heroes units I was teaching.


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