An inclusive classroom is one where individuals of all ability levels are able to co-exist and each find success whether socially and/or academically. While programs such as EAL and ARP among others are important for students to receive the one on one specialized education they require, it is still important for these same students to feel that they are just as much a part of the classroom as anyone else.

It is for this reason that I attempt to make my lessons as experiential as possible, as I have found that this approach allows for all students to become engaged at his or her own level.

PWIM (picture word induction model) is another way in which adaptations can be made for the entire class to be challenged at the appropriate level.

Other students with ADD or FAS, in addition to a strong structure and routine, can use helpful items like balance balls, to keep distracting behaviour to a minimum, and to help them function better in the classroom.


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