M.I. & C.E.L.’s

Students are not all the same, and certainly do not share the same strengths and weaknesses. This is why it is so important to offer lessons that provide students an opportunity to find out what their strengths are, and to help them refine these skills.

While at Thomson Community School I had the opportunity to work with J.A.R.P students. One boy in particular could barely read or write, wasn’t interested in drawing or communicating orally. However, when I gave a lesson using plasticine to create barnyard animals, his manual dexterity in making these animals not only exceeded my expectations, his was by far the best in the class, more on par with a student in grade 7 than anyone in grade 3. This taught me the importance of offering a variety of ways in which students can find their strengths.

C.E.L.’s offer another structure for teacher’s to reference the relevance of their lesson plans. When planning a unit I always ensure that all my lessons will incorporate a variety of C.E.L.’s, whether it be through using different technology, to group work that challenges interpersonal skills, numeracy, etc.


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